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Counting at Home with Safari Ltd

Since we know many of you are looking for simple activities to keep the kids busy and learning, we decided to share what we did today. This activity was sponsored by Safari Ltd.


Today, we played numbers soup! Sofia loves to cook with me and has been all about counting lately, so I figured this would be a fun activity to share. We used our BiOBUDDi blocks and a few items we had around the house (wooden spoon, small table, and a medium-sized bowl).

The idea behind numbers soup is to see who can scoop up the most numbers and place them on the blue "plate", aka blockboard that comes with your BiOBUDDi numbers set. Depending on your child's age, you can set a timer to make it even more interesting, as well as include addition, subtraction or multiplication principles. During our playtime, I also had Sofia tell me the number she found aloud before she placed it on the plate. That way we could see if she identified it correctly or I could help her if she got stuck.

This activity has quickly become one of her favorites and playing it in front of her kitchen set helped get her even more excited. If you don't have a kitchen set for your little one at home, don't even worry. This game is perfect to play anywhere in the house, especially when you are making a meal. Plop a bowl on the floor, give him or her a wooden spoon and pour in your BiOBUDDi blocks, everyone wins!

In case you were wondering, here's a bit more about the BiOBUDDi blocks we featured in this activity. BiOBUDDi is the world's first plant-based building blocks for children. They're durable, sturdy and built to last generations, with a similar look and feel to other building block toys, except much better for the environment since they're 100% recyclable. BiOBUDDi, a Netherlands based company, uses a natural compound that is highly bio-based so that each block is safe for children and the environment! Plus, they're the perfect toys for playdates, play therapy, independent play, and family playtime.

To purchase the set we used today, BiOBUDDi Numbers Learning Block Set - 27 Pcs, click here. Plus use our promo code BambinaDiaries for 20% off!

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