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Baby Teething Remedies

Dealing with a fussy baby who is teething is never easy and with so many products that claim to solve your little one's pain, it's hard to decide which ones work and don't. We personally think there isn't ONE single remedy. While some may be better than others, it's always a not so fun game to find which one your little one prefers that particular day and time. We've rounded up some of our favorite teething solutions plus some others YOU might have suggested in a recent poll.

1. Camilia Teething Drops - While we love this product for being a natural remedy, we find that it tends to be a hit or miss. They do recommend that you use the drops every 15 minutes so keep that in mind when using this product. This was recommended by several followers in the poll.

2. MAM Teething Toys: Our girls have always loved all the MAM products and we're not surprised by the amount of research that has gone into producing their products. Avery and Caro give these 5 stars.

3. Organic Baby Teething Oil by Maty's Organic: Maty’s Organic Baby Teething Oil is a pure, simple, natural way to comfort your baby’s sensitive gums.  It is based on an old-time remedy, improved for today.

4. Soak a Small Wash Cloth in Chamomile Tea or a simple cuddle blanket. This was suggested by Annemarie's pedi when she was little and it worked really well. I soaked the washcloth in chamomile tea and placed it in the refrigerator. Worked like a charm! The girls are always looking for comfort and a cuddle blanket works like a charm, especially during sleepy time.

5. Give your little one's food cold. This may give their gums some relief, they may even enjoy their food more.

6. Hyland's Baby Oral Pain Relief: "Hyland's Baby Oral Pain Relief is for a natural and benzocaine free way to relieve the pain, irritability, and swelling due to oral discomfort. Hyland's uses only natural, homeopathically prepared active ingredients like chamomile and arnica and NO benzocaine, belladonna, artificial flavors, dyes or parabens; everything a Mom wants and nothing she doesn't!" This was recommended by several followers in the poll.

7. Bath Time: Sometimes they just need to cool off and a bath is just what the doctor ordered. I've done this several times with Avery and it works like a charm and resets her.

Rip Proof--made of ultra-durable tight-woven material

Waterproof--can be chewed on, drooled on, and washed!

Emergent Literacy Tool--bright pictures and few or no words encourage dialogic reading

Portable--lightweight books can go anywhere, perfect for the diaper bag and for travel

Safe for Baby--meets ASTM safety standards.

Carolina has a bathtime option that's good for little ones to use too! It's the Land of B. Color Bath Book. It's waterproof and durable and can also be used outside of bath time. Plus, it complies with regulatory phthalate and BPA requirements and helps distract a fussy baby.

We love using the munchkin fresh food feeders to help give Carolina some relief. They are super easy to use. Just wash the fruit of your choice, place it in the feeder, chill for up to an hour, and have it ready for baby to use.

Brushies patented design is specially made to be easy and effective for use between 4 weeks and 4 years of age – the only toothbrush of its kind! Their special finger puppet style makes brushing easy and fun. Best of all its a great way to massage your little one's gums and teach them the importance of brushing early on! Big sister loves to help with this too.

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