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Baby Eats - Let's Start Blending!

With both girls loving to eat and try new flavors, we were so excited for the blending phase and no one does it better then YUMI. Their unique take on baby foods plus their research on foods that help towards brain development places a key role in why we think YUMI is so great.


Has really enjoyed trying the different blends that YUMI has to offer, but what I love most is how innovative their recipes are. Who would have thought apple pie could consist of such nutritious ingredients like Japanese sweet potato, coconut milk, dates, and white beans, to name a few! As a mom, having my little try blends she normally wouldn't get from a store-bought brand is priceless. It's given us a chance to grow her palette at such a young age and feel good about the fresh foods each jar contains. Fun fact! At our house, big sister likes to try the first bite of her YUMI food. Her excuse is that she wants to make sure its "yummy" for sissy, but the truth is she loves it too. Plus, if you ever have a day where your little one isn't up for her usual meal, you can freeze your Yumi jar and then eat it at a later time. It's a great way to make sure no food is wasted.


I think in this case, the pictures below do better justice in showing how much this little girl loves eatings her blends. She has tried them all and has LOVED them. I love that she's getting exposed to so many different flavors that way as she gets older she has a diverse palette. To be honest though, when I first read the titles of these blends I got a little worried but I love that in the label they tell you exactly what they have insides of them. They also come with the nutrition facts of each serving.

Rather make the blends yourself?

Don't forget to check out our blog where I talk about the EVLAs Food Processor.

Here are some easy to make blend recipes (use organic if possible):

  • Spinach, raspberry, quinoa, banana, apple, beet, date, chia seed, ground flex

  • Sweet Potato, Apple, black Bean, Cumin, Cinnamon

  • Sweet Potato, red bell pepper, apple, chard, quinoa

  • Sweet potato, tomato, cumin, black beans, kidney beans, white beans

  • Strawberry, Japanese sweet potato, coconut milk, white beans, basil

  • Pear, sweet potato, zucchini, tomato, basil, red bell pepper, kale, yellow squash, white beans

  • Japanese sweet potato, coconut milk, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, white beans, cinnamon

  • Flax, kale, banana, black beans, quinoa

  • Sweet potato, Broccoli, Amaranth, Apricot, Flax

  • Japanese Sweet Potato, Coconut Milk White Bean, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg

  • Apple, Japanese Sweet Potato, Coconut Milk, White Beans, Dates, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

  • Prune and Pear blend is great to help your little one go to the bathroom as well. (50/50)

Other fun options for blends:

1. Make your little one a baby approved "parfait!"

Here's How: Put your little one's favorite fruit through the food processor and add some greek yogurt. I promise your little one will love it.

2. Use the chunkier blends as a way to get them comfortable with finger foods.

Here's How:

YUMI jars are perfect for little fingers. I let Caro try and grab a bit of food from the jar and put it on her placemat or I serve her a small amount and let her feed herself.

3. Mix some fresh or already blended fruit for a frozen pop treat (great for when they are teething!)

Here's How:

Use a popsicle mold, add in pureed fresh fruit, and your favorite YUMI blend. Freeze for up to 4 hours and then enjoy. We used apple pie as our YUMI blend.

Click the following link to get your order in for YUMI. and see discount at checkout for FOUR WEEKS!

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