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A Twisty Trend

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

For a while we've been loving the tie-dye/paint trend and how can you not? You can either DIY it or purchase it from your local boutique or store. We asked in a recent poll if you would like us to put a list together of our favorites so here they are. Unfortunately, the one I (Krys) styled a few weeks back is sold out so I won't be able to link that one.

1. Amazon

You can always find cute sets via amazon. We thought these two sets were perfect to lounge around the house. Each under $25, they don't break the bank.

2. Shop LDGM

I purchased my first tie-dye piece from this local Miami shop and my pieces from her are still one of my favorites! You have to also check out her new baby and toddler line - the cutest!

3. DIY Speech Mommy

This local miami shop is owned by one of our favorite mamas! We are so excited for her new venture and are so happy to support her. She has a variety of designs from tees, to masks, and more. Besides, how can we not with these adorable designs! Use code: bambina15

4. Grow and Design by Natalie Pizarro

If you want a soft hint of this trend in your outfit, these earrings are perfect! Natalie says she's always wanted to create things with a meaning. When she discovered polymer clay it motivated her to grow her concept and research several styles that she liked in hopes of everyone loving it too. Each piece is hand made with hope, peace, and love.

5. Target

Who can't include target on any list? These tie-dye finds I came across for Sofia are not only super affordable but she can enjoy wearing them for the rest of the summer and transition into the school year.

Skirt: Tie-Dye Skort

Leggings: Tie-Dye Leggings

6. American Eagle

Even though my set is sold out, there are a wide variety of pieces. I love AE, but know that shipping does take a little long.

7. Old Navy/Gap

While they have great things for adults, I was able to get some adorable outfits for Annemarie. They also have a nice sale going on so take advantage and they were great at shipping!

Shirt: Toddler Ruffle T-Shirt

Dress: Tank Skater Dress

Shorts: Toddler Scalloped Pull-On Shorts

8. Love + Neutrals

The Abigail In the Navy Jumpsuit is so comfy and the perfect tie-dye addition to your wardrobe. The best part is you can use it as a swimsuit cover-up or to wear with denim jacket and sandals for an everyday look. I am wearing a small in this and it fits great! Use our code BAMBINA15

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