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A Holiday Trio You'll Love!

As most of our readers know, Safari Ltd. is a Bambina Diaries favorite. Their products allow our girls to imagine, play, learn and most importantly have fun.

This holiday season Safari Ltd. has something extra fun with the release of a trio inspired by a big movie favorite this year - The Lion King. The trio consists of the lion cub, meerkat, and warthog. They also have the lion, lioness with cub, mandrill, and hyena.

This trio is perfect as a stocking stuffer or gift for any Lion King fan. Your little one will love to follow along with this trio while watching the movie, coloring or just with imaginative play.

Want to look at all their new toys? Click [here] to see their latest additions right in time for the holidays.

Don't forget to use code BambinaDiaries at checkout for a 20% off when you visit Safari Ltd and stay tuned for more holiday gift ideas from Safari Ltd. and others!

This post is sponsored by Safari Ltd.

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