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The Poppet Project

Keeping it crafty this Fall, we decided to go to The Poppet Project.



The Poppet Project Mission

Their mission "children are encouraged to blend different mediums outside of limiting constraints in order to express and explore their creativity. By incorporating the hands on approach and the blending of arts, crafts and science we hope to see the new generation of artists, designers and tinkerers borrow and inspire from each other forming new and original ways to express themselves."

Our Experience

Our experiencewas truly wonderful. I normally get a little nervous around so much paint and freedom since Annemarie is only 18 months old, but the staff was beyond delightful. They were always there to reassure my little one's creativity and would pick up right after we would leave a station, keeping everything tidy and organized for the next creative mind. 


They have a slime stationwhich they do every 15 minutes. I sat with Annemarie and my nieces and watch as they mixed all the ingredients and made their special slime. The girls were able to pick what type of slime and what color/glitter they wanted.

Another section was the wall painting station and magnet wall station. These two were Annemarie's favorite and don't worry because she got paint all over and it was extremely easy to wash off. 

The last station Annemarie enjoyed with her cousin Maia, was the one pictured below. They played for what seemed like forever in this area. They thought it was the most hilarious thing moving the little balls with the red instrument. 

 There are other stations like the

tinkering area, molding sand station and an arts and craft station where they can make whatever they like. They have a wall full of paper, makers, etc. I really enjoyed seeing my little one explore and create. I can't wait to take her back and see what we'll do next. 

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