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The Last Thing He Told Me -Book Club

We are kicking off the year with, what we know, will be one of this year's favorite reads. Our first meeting was only going to consist of discussing Part 1 and almost everyone has FINISHED the book!

We don't like giving spoilers away but this book will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat or bed, or wherever you're reading.

Here's some questions we've put together to lead the discussion.

Part One:

  • When you first read that Owen went missing, what did you think happened?

  • Owen’s note to Hannah says—protect her. We know he’s talking about Bailey and protecting her from the past. Why didn’t Owen write more to Hannah? Why did he leave the money to Bailey?

  • Did he bother you at any point that Owen seemed to push the importance of Hannah to the side?

  • Why was Bailey so cold to Hannah in the beginning? Would you have responded the same if you were Hannah?

  • Impressions of the characters? Do you think Owen has his hands dirty in The Shop?

Part Two:

  • Hannah eventually realizes that Owen has connections to Austin, Texas. So she takes Bailey there to see if they could find out the truth about the past. Do you agree with Hannah’s decision to go to Austin? What would you have done if you were Hannah?

  • Do you feel Hannah was too pushy in finding out more information?

  • We eventually find out that Owen lived a completely different life than what was portrayed. What did you think about all the findings?

  • At this point, who do you think Hannah should trust?

Part 3:

  • Why did Hannah go to Nicholas herself?

  • Should Hannah have agreed to go into witness protection program with Owen and Bailey or did she make the right decision in making a deal with Nicholas so Bailey could keep her identity?

  • Do you think Bailey ever managed a relationship with Nicholas or any her cousins?

  • Why do you think the author decided to use titles for each chapter?

  • The last chapter is titled Five Years Later. Or Eight. Or Ten. Why such a vague timeframe? Does this mean that Hannah sees a glimpse of Owen ever so often? Or was that the first time she’s truly seen him? Is there ever a chance for Owen to reunite with Hannah and Bailey?

  • Let’s talk about the significance of Bailey calling Hannah mom at the end of the story.

  • Jennifer Garner is going to play Hannah in the TV version of this story. What are your thoughts on the casting? What elements of the book do you think they’ll include in the show?

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