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Outdoor fun with what you already have at home!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

If you are anything like me, being indoors for so long is driving me bananas. Its been nice to play outside and because of that, we wanted to share a few of our favorite activities with all of you. Don't worry, you aren't going to need to get any of these items off Amazon because all of these activities can be done with the items you already have in your pantry, closet or garage. See below for a quick list of items + a super simple activity. We hope you enjoy it and keep an eye out for a few of these activities live on our stories @ Bambina Diaries!

1. Supplies: Ice + watercolor palette + a paintbrush and an empty bin

Activity: Ice Painting

This activity is a popular one at our house. You can do this anywhere outdoors, just make sure to have some paper towels and an extra cup of water so the kids can wash off the watercolors before they go on to the next one. Best of all, the activity ends once the ice melts and its a super easy cleanup.

2. Chalk + Painters tape

Activity: Outdoor sidewalk mural

This activity was actually sent to us by one of our followers, plus it's easy and beautiful. Simply section off an area in your front or backyard with painters tape and then start taping off sections within that large rectangle to create a variety of different shapes. We had thick painters tape but the thin tape is usually better. Allow the kids to color each shape a different color and then peel the tape away to reveal a beautiful piece of art.

3. Rocks or Gravel + Toy cars or trucks


If your little one is a big fan of toy trucks or cars this is their activity! All you need is a few cups or gravel or even section out a rock bed if you already have one. Then place your little ones toy cars inside and let them go for it.

4. (1) roll of heavy-duty garbage bags + ground stakes + dish soap + a hose

Activity: DIY Water Slide

I remember growing up with homemade waterslides all the time. So this one is no different. All you need is to stake down the garbage bags so that they don't move and add dish soap and water. Then enjoy! If you want another way to do this check this article out

5. Pool noodles + wooden stakes + any small ball

Activity: Pool Noodle Soccer

Last summer, we decided to make this fun obstacle course for Sofia in the backyard and she actually asked for it again this year. If you have any pool noddles taking up extra space, consider attaching stakes to each end and then placing them in the ground to make an arch. Spread a few different ones around the backyard and you are all set. Use any ball you like and see how many you can get through the different "goals" or archways.

6. Chalk + Flat rocks

Activity: Tic, Tac, Toe

This can be done in a variety of different ways. If you have smooth rocks at home, paint them with X's and O's and draw a tic, tac, toe board with chalk or sticks you have outside. Then play!

7. 5-6 Empty Water Bottles + Water + Scizzors + Tape

Activity: DIY Water Wall

Keep any of those extra water or soda bottles you have lying around and cut the bottoms off leaving the funnel intact. Then tape or nail them to the surface of your choice (wooden fence, cement wall) and let your kids put water down the pattern of bottles you have created. If you decided not to use water, you can also use any small objects, pom-poms, etc and add a bin at the bottom to collect them all.

8. Plastic straws + bubbles + string + shallow pan

Activity: Really Big Bubble Maker

Getting bored with the smaller bubbles your kid has been doing for the past few days? PBS shared a fun experiment for kids to try at home. Click the link below for step by step instructions on how to create your large bubble wand at home. Plus, its a great science experiment too.

Plus ***If you happen to run out of bubbles, here's how to make some at home -

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