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New York State of Mind

When we started planning our New York trip we had always planned on taking Annemarie. I thought it would be the perfect trip since the flight is short and one of my close friends was taking her little girl as well. As we got closer, my husband sparked the conversation that we had never gone anywhere alone since Annemarie was born. Wow - for almost two years we hadn't even had a weekend getaway. My husband and I always had agreed that we would take our children everywhere and we had: Georgia, Orlando, Naples. My mom then mentioned something to me as well and reminded me that it might be good for Javi and I to take some days alone. It would only be three days and who better to take care of Annemarie than my parents! So it was decided - we would be going to New York solo.

Packing without worrying if I had everything for Annemarie was an out of body experience (lol). I was able to just worry about the things I needed for our trip and I packed her little weekend bag from which is a must have.

When I dropped her off at my parents, even though I knew she would be more than fine, I still felt this sense of guilt. Here I was getting ready to go on a trip and I wasn't taking her. Why? She's so well behaved and such a happy baby. Then I reminded myself that it had nothing to do with her and everything to do with my husband and I. We just needed a couple of days to ourselves, a little getaway. So with that in mind I started to get excited and we enjoyed every moment of our trip. From delicious hot chocolate, walking in Central Park in the crazy cold, Javi eating a hot dog on the street corner, eating in little Italy, celebrating one of my best friend's 30th birthday and best of all reflect a little on what I want 2019 to consist of.

I want 2019, to be the year that I stand firm in what I want and stay 100% true to who I am. I want to be honest and raw with my readers, even if only a couple read my blog. I want to stop comparing myself to others and just be me. Who am I? A former teacher who absolutely loved her job, but loved the idea of staying home with her daughter even more. A mother who even though, loves to be a stay at home mom, needs a little me time even if it means going to the bathroom alone. Someone who is passionate in the things that she does and loves fiercely. I hope you enjoy my journey this year and I can't wait to share the moments.

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