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Mitsubishi Outlander - Packed with Memories

Growing up, my family and I used to love driving up North from Florida as one big happy family. Since flying wasn’t really an option due to my oldest sister’s special needs, we truly enjoyed driving and exploring. When I got the chance to partner with Mitsubishi Motors I was elated!

As we prepped our car I was reminded of my child memories and how excited we would be waking up super early and starting our adventure. I especially remember those winter days where we would escape to have our little White Christmas.

This time around our adventure would be a little different - why? I was now the parent waking up my little one for a fun adventure and continuing the tradition of fun road trips. We also had amazing company who made the drive even more special.

Where was our adventure taking us? Atlanta, Georgia, to visit the Martinez Family. As we explored Atlanta driving was easy and fun in the 2019 Outlander. Check out my review below!

Price Point:

$24k to $33k

My Favorite Features:

7 passenger seating

7’ touchscreen display


Rearview Camera

Push Button Start

Heated Front Seats

All-Wheel Control

Blind Spot Warning

Lane Change Assist

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Things to Consider:

  • Very mobile seats - you can recline or push seats forward for more comfortable seating.

  • This feature was great, especially when Annemarie took a nap so her head wouldn’t fall forward.

  • If you have two full carseats, know that the third row will only be accessible through the trunk (which is most cases for third row SUVs).

  • When using the third row, the trunk space will be less. In turn, we used a cargo roof top carrier that work fantastic and let us use all the space available to us in the SUV.

I give the Outlander a thumbs up, especially with its amazing price point!

To check out more options and features go to:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at



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