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Hot Hot Zoo

Since we have a membership for the Zoo, we've been wanting to take Annemarie. We hadn't gone since January and she's changed so much since! My biggest concern - the HEAT - so we took some precautions. 

Firstthing, was to get there right when it opened at 10 a.m. This was great because it wasn't crazy packed and the sun wasn't at its strongest yet. Another thing is that if you're a Miami local you know that the day can be beautiful and in ten seconds there is a full rain storm.

The other part of the plan was to rent a large bike. Since the bike rental is only for two hours we thought it would be perfect and it would protect everyone with the covering it has and the exhaustion of walking in the heat. We also passed the water mists every time we had a chance, this helped a lot!

We were advised by a close friend who works at the Zoo to feed the giraffes first because the lines get backed up. This was a great suggestion considering that little kids don't understand the concept of waiting in a hot line for anything. 

I did pack a bag that included all of the following: 

1. Towels for the little water area

2. Milk and water

3. Snacks 

4. Spray bottle with water for her neck

5. Sunscreen 

6. Change of clothes including a bathing suit and water shoes

7. Stroller which we put on the roof of the bike incase we wanted to be brave and continue or if they fell asleep and we wanted to eat there 

8. Gallon Ziploc bag for the wet clothes 

We really did have a great time and it was nice to get out for a little even in the hot hot zoo!

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