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Gringo's Oyster Bar

Gringo's Oyster Bar was generous enough to host myself and a group of lovely moms this afternoon. We spoke about all things motherhood, while enjoying delicious food and cocktails. BLOP also gifted each lady a personalized mini travel cube, along with little notebooks for any notes during our meetup. Our target was to share ideas on websites and social media strategies.

What did we get to try out?

First up we had fluffly warm biscuits. We drizzled some honey and spread some butter - who doesn't like sweet and buttery?

Next up we had truffle deviled eggs. Being that this appetizer is seriously beloved by my husband and I have tried my fair share of deviled eggs, I was so happy to taste such a soft and creamy version of this family favorite. I know my husband was totally jealous when I told him about these.

While my husband loves his devils eggs, I love my brussels sprouts. These fried brussels sprouts were finished off with some tarragon aioli and queso fresco. Who doesn't love chesse?

Can you believe I have never tried oysters? Well, today I felt was the perfect day to test them out. With the help of my sister and the ladies cheering me on my first oyster was the New Orleans oysters which were finished with garlic butter, parmesan and romano. This believe it or not was one of my favorite dishes - paired with the garlic bread? Oooooooh it was something else!

Next set of oysters were the Andouille Sausage oysters with butter and fontina. This was a favorite of the table since it had the perfect amount of spice.

Remember I mentioned I had two favorites for the day? These lobster sliders had me savoring each bite, I wish I would have had room to eat more! They come with maine lobster, crème fraiche and lemon.

Lastly we had the Togarashi Spiced Seared Tuna with mixed greens, avocado, carrots, cucumber, green onion, ponzu and sesame-ginger dressing. This was light and perfect!

Of course we had to finish it off with some dessert and what better way than to try their famous Barbs Keylime Pie. Let's just say we now know why it is so well known.

Gringo's Oyster Bar not only has great food but the family ambiance is perfect for any family outing. They have both booster seats and highchairs for your little ones and are extremely accommodating. They have a wonderful happy hour (Tuesday to Friday from 4-6pm) and brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm. Make sure to stop by and have a good time, I know we did!

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