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Buying a Car During COVID

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

So, I did a thing - I leased a new car during COVID. I know, honestly, I never thought I would have leased or bought a car during this craziness but I did and I loved it. Here's why:

  1. Everything was done over the phone and online, I didn't even have to leave my house!

  2. I test drove my car from the comfort of my own home.

  3. Because of the demand for used cars, I received even more from my trade-in than I usually would have! (BIG WIN)

  4. Dealerships are looking to get rid of inventory since the future isn't really clear! Many of the leading manufacturers have stopped production of new cars. So many of them are offering lease and financing incentives as well as discounted pricing. Don't forget to ask for Military and Student discounts (we got the student discount cause my husband just graduated from his Master's Program)

Why did I lease a new car?

Usually, I purchase my cars but after baby #2 I realized I needed more space and wasn't ready to make the commitment of keeping another car for six years. I looked at the Honda Pilot, Hyundai Palisade, Subaru Ascent, and Volkswagen Atlas. Based on my budget and what I needed the Volkswagen Atlas was the one I chose and funny enough this is what sold me:

  • Third-row seating was actually spacious - enough that my husband felt comfortable sitting in the back!

  • The sound system can be modified to play just in the back with the kids or in the front so it doesn't disturb the baby while she is sleeping.

  • It doesn't drive like a huge SUV and still has three rows. That's always been my issue when looking for a larger car, I never wanted to feel like the car drove me instead of the other way around lol

  • Wireless charging tray allows me to charge my phone without a cord, which is great for those days when I am quickly running out of battery and need a fast charge.

  • The trunk fit my stroller and then some, even with the third row up. That was always my issue with a 3rd-row car, at least for me.

  • Weather tech type mats included throughout the car! Yes, this seems silly but when you have little ones everything sticks to those cloth mats. So having these come with the car and it didn't cost me extra, was a huge bonus.

  • This vehicle had no recalls or manufacturer complaints and scored 5 stars overall on safety ratings.

The reason why I loved this experience more than any other:

I first used Carvana as my source for pricing. They instantly gave me a quote on my current car, which allowed me to negotiate with other dealerships and not have to worry about going in person to have my car checked (once you get further along with your dealership they may have you bring it in to be seen but lately most of them can get all the information from your VIN).

Then, I used each dealership site as a guide to see which ones had the best cars in my price point. This can take some time, but the best part is that I could do all of my research from the comfort of my couch. If you are comparing safety features I love this site - (it also allows you to look up the car seat and tire safety)

Once I narrowed down my search to the cars I listed above, I started reaching out to each dealership individually and discussing my options. The best way to get to where you want to be quick is by sending a detailed email. Leave no gray area cause they will take advantage of that to lure you into a deal you don't want. If you prefer to go through this process with someone else to help negotiate the terms or price, you can always try a lease broker, which was something Krystal had done for her car and she loved it!

Here are some options for a lease broker:

  • Krystal used the family's long time car broker to lease her Infiniti QX60: Mort Schwartz | (561) 866-1770 |

  • Motorbreeze - | 844-444-5069 | IG: @motorbreeze

    • **You can contact Gio at Motorbreeze too at (334) 477-2515 or @gio_motorbreeze**

Once we were set on our price, the dealership delivered the car to my house for a COVID safe test drive. Check with each dealership individually because they are doing this. During my test drive, he appraised my car and took notes back to his team. We then discussed the final agreement over the phone and once the deal was completed I electronically signed all paperwork from my own computer, they brought the car cleaned and ready to my home, gave me the keys, my paperwork, explained all the features in my driveaway and took my original car back with them.

A big thank you to Chris So at Volkswagen Marietta for making this car lease experience unlike any other. **This is not a sponsored post, I just really enjoyed this experience and wanted to share it with all of you.**

DISCLAIMER: I am sharing what worked for me but I know that every case is different. If you have any questions, feel free to DM us @bambinadiaries

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