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A Little Jingle + Mingle

For some time now I have been wanting to organize a little "playdate" with mamas that I have connected with this past year. I guess you can say I wanted to take our friendship to the next level (lol). But I was a little worried - would anyone come? how fancy would I need to make this event? should I do this during busy season? Then it hit me ... the ladies I have connected with are beyond amazing and don't follow the stereotypical Miami vibe where judgement and clicks are a priority. These fellow mamas are real and genuinely good people, who have supported me in some way this year. One of my biggest supporters and best friend? My sister. I knew she was probably going to think I was crazy but I knew I needed her help and an extra "mom brain" in planning everything. Luckily she said yes and we started the planning.

Words can't describe how amazing the event went. We had quality over quantity, we shared ideas, said funny stories, took pictures, had mimosas and just had some nice mama time. We truly hope that next year more amazing mamas can join us and that next year we'll have just as much fun!

Find your tribe and support one another, no matter what!

A huge THANK YOU to all the amazing locals who supported our event.

Other snacks - Vicky Bakery

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